Makoz Aquatic Racers

Makoz Aquatic Racers Swim Club Jamaica Lifespan 007 Open Water Swim

The Makoz Aquatic Racers Swim Club was officially launched as at January 2018. Albeit one of the new kids on the block, the club boasts an excellent cadre of swim coaches that have a wide array of experience and expertise in coaching champions.

Having derived its name from the shortfin mako shark, which is on record as the fastest-swimming shark, capable of extreme bursts of speed, the club is geared at building a culture of excellence in its members through the use of swimming.

The club boasts significant achievements as members have achieved personal excellence, by being named a part of the National swim team, with recent representation this year at the Goodwill Games and participation at the CARIFTA Aquathlon in Suriname and Jamaica, respectively.

In both competitions the club was adequately represented, with achievement of personal bests, and medal hauls of six medals, two of which were gold.

The club stands firm on its motto “Creating Waves of Excellence”. It represents the personal creed of the Executive, the coaching staff and our swimmers. Never daunted by obstacles but ready to challenge the status quo and create ripples of excellence.

The coaching team comprises of Mrs. Syreeta Biggs. Mr. Ishmedo Wolfe and Mr. Mark Williams, with swim instructions being provided from three locations – Wolmer’s High School for Girls, National Stadium and Stella Maris.

With the aforementioned team of expert swim instructors, Makoz Aquatic Racers Swim Club continues to bring a holistic approach to swim training, thereby ensuring that the young people with whom we have the pleasure to interact are well-rounded.